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Since 2011, BKM, Inc., has been a trusted provider of quality injection molds and molded products. We offer custom injection molding services, mold design and fabrication.

Our goal is to meet your needs and satisfy you by supplying you with superior design, the highest quality product and the first-rate service team with timely deliveries.

We look forward to developing a partnership with you.

·    2015

Dec.    UL94 certified
Sep.    R&D Lab. established

July     Qualcomm patent license agreement, World(CDMA,OFDMA) /                Chinese (CDMA/LTE)
June   ISO-9001, ISO-14001 certified

June   HTP business started 

·    2014

Nov.    SMT / Assembly business started
July   Cheongju factory established

·    2013

Dec.   Has won USD 1 million export award

·    2012

June   Registered to LG Electronics as a supply partner

·    2011

Oct.    Venture company registered
June.   USA Office established
May    Company Founded

M I S S I O N  &  V I S I O N

Meet your needs and satisfy you by supplying a superior design.
The highest quality product and the first-rate service team with timely deliveries. 

Total Solution

In-house manufacturing
Experiences of precision mold technology

High Quality

High quality management
Global customer experiences
Acquisitions of Global certifications

Customer's Satisfaction

Timely delivery
Proposals for production efficiency
Responsive customer service  

M A R K E T   S E R V E D


USA Office
12102 1/2 Park Street Cerritos, CA 90703
TEL 562-926-1824
FAX 562-926-6087

Incheon Headquarter, Korea
13 Cheongneung-daero 340beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea
TEL 032-822-3863
FAX 032-822-8339

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